How White Label SEO is Revolutionizing the Whole Industry?

As the Search Engine Optimization industry grows is size and scale, most SEO agencies and others engaged in other digital marketing services look to increase their market size and profits. Agencies in developed parts of the world have realized the futility of increasing headcount which adds to the overhead costs in terms of training and staffing. They are instead relying on other SEO service providers in different parts of the world (especially in the developing world) to deal with their project as they engage themselves in marketing for newer clients.


White Labeling as it is this model is called adds flexibility and fluidity in operations for an agency. Though this isn’t a new concept and has been tried in several other industries, the scale of white labeling in the SEO industry is simply mind boggling. It allows agencies to offer more value to their clients and also add to its own profits.  SEO reseller program come with many advantages and some of these are –

  • Capacity Augmentation – Irrespective of the size and scale of operations every marketing agency has a limit in terms of the amount of clients and projects it can cater to. When such threshold is reached agencies often have to say ‘No’ to clients or delay such projects. This is where SEO reseller program offers advantage to an agency as it immediately leads to capacity augmentation without having to go through the process of adding infrastructure or spending time and effort on recruiting executives and training them. White label service providers work as extension of a team and allow you to bid on bigger projects that can increase your profits as well as your reputation in the market.
  • Adding Skills – SEO is an important service in the portfolio of any digital marketing company. Web design service providers who do not have SEO services in their portfolio are struggling to attract customers as the industry sees SEO as the next obvious step to web development. A White Label service provider allows you to add this important service in your portfolio that would attract new customers to your service. Since most of these resellers come with sound knowledge about the SEO industry they help your clients scale new heights on the search engines and this can earn you appreciation and also referral projects.
  • Cost Optimization – Businesses never miss an opportunity to cut costs and streamline their operations for higher profitability. White Label SEO services offer the perfect opportunity to any business to cut down its costs. As mentioned earlier most of these services are sought from developing countries and the total cost of engagement is just a fraction of hiring people under the payrolls. This not only increases the profit margin but also allows digital marketing agencies to price services competitively and create an edge over their rivals.

Red Flags to Avoid While Hiring SEO Resellers
Striking the perfect balance between serving your clients and White Label SEO services is never easy and you need to put each step carefully. Here are certain red flags that you should avoid on the way.

  • Choose Service Provider Carefully – Don’t pick up just anybody who claims to be a reseller. You need to carefully review their skill and credentials. Opt for a company instead of freelancers they often jump the boat without any information.
  • Don’t Expect Unbelievable Margins – If you are expecting to make profits around 80-90% on every project you are not going to find seasoned optimizers. You would have to settle with amateurs and they can dent your reputation and relationship with the clients.
  • Insist on an NDA – Always stress on signing a Non-Disclosure Agreement with the resellers. They need to work in the background without your clients being aware of their presence. An NDA is a step towards safeguarding your interests.
  • Avoid Going Fast – When you hire a reseller give some time for this engagement model to mature. Don’t take up too many projects and dump them over to the reseller. In the initial days you need to measure the success of this engagement.

SEO Reseller program is a win-win deal for the agency as well as the reseller and has become the most successful model in the industry.


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