Tips to Get Right Pricing & Packaging with White Label SEO Services

The demand for white label SEO services is at an all-time high. White Labeling offers a win-win situation to vendors and their clients. While clients gain with cost effective services and not having to staff people for their needs, for the vendor it is an easy way to source projects without having to market their services on a regular basis. As a vendor you need to get the pricing right and offer value to the customers to stay ahead of the competition. Here we discuss some tips that would let you get the pricing and packaging right with White Label SEO Services.


  • Know Completion – The first thing you need to know is the competition you are up against. Do your research on the top White Label SEO Reseller in the market and if need to ask them for quotes and their engagement model pretending yourself to be a client. This information would help you develop a clear roadmap for your services.
  • Pricing – This is the most vital factor and hence you need to carefully price your services. However stay away from two cardinal sins –
    • Under Pricing – When you start with a SEO reselling business there is always that urge to undercut the competition with low pricing. This can prove to be counterproductive and this may be seen as a sign of poor quality services. Match your competition and if necessary keep your prices shade lower than competition.
    • Over Pricing – Over pricing your services would limit your market. When you are engaging with a client you need to have a clear idea about their expectation and offer them a fair price that allows them to make a good margin out of your services. Without a good margin, there are few clients would like to hire you as a white label partner.

  • Packaging – This is a vital clog in the wheel that many businesses don’t get right. While you may be offering a number of add-on services along with core SEO, what is important here is to know your client’s exact needs. If they don’t need these services they would consider you pricey (given the notion that you would be charging them for each service) and prefer a vendor that offers them services they are actually looking for. So be extremely careful while packaging your services.
  • Value to Customers – Always remember pricing and value are synonymous in SEO reselling business. A reputable digital marketing agency would always look for value in the engagement and this may mean different things to different people. Each customer is different and hence there is no one size that fits all. Always be willing to customize your offerings for different clients as most of them expect you to work as an extension of their team rather than an independent entity.
  • Start Small – Often reseller businesses start with a bang and go out of operations in equally quick time. Always remember it is less expensive to retain a new customer than to find a new one every few months. So start slow with two or three customers and once you have stabilized diversify your business. Sticking to customers for a longer time would allow you to renegotiate prices when they derive value out of this association. Spreading wings too fast and expanding your team may lead to disaster if you don’t focus on establishing high-quality services and relationships.

These few things kept in mind would help you market your White Label SEO Services successfully and create a long list of happy clientele. These benefits of white label services help you to gain more in future.

This article talks about ways to get pricing and packaging right while offering White Label SEO Services. A vendor should always look towards offering value to the customers.


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