How to Hire a Dedicated SEO Expert or Agency?

Hiring an SEO expert, an individual consultant or a full-established agency, is really a big decision; it can make or break your business. It is really very important to choose SEO services very carefully and this write-up will show you how to do this.

Unfortunately, due to some unethical companies which are involved hugely in black-hat techniques, SEO agencies have gained a bad reputation. This is because these companies follow unethical ways to get the quicker results for their clients. They just fool their clients, but the end results for the clients are really scary and the clients end up getting Google penalty.

Why it’s important to hire a Dedicated SEO Expert?

Though search engines have become so powerful today, but they still can’t understand the websites as easier as humans can. That’s why SEO is important and only a dedicated SEO expert can give expected results to their clients. Otherwise, the client may end up paying huge Google penalty that really impacts their business adversely.


Here is how: Before the Google Penguin algorithm was launched, it was so easy for SEO companies to get the expected results for their businesses. But now Google has become so active and everyday penalizes many websites that buy links or manipulate their page ranking. Many unethical companies trick their client by deleting negative messages from Google in the Webmaster tools and hide their black-hat techniques for their clients. So it becomes so difficult for the clients to resolve the manual penalty without any report of link building.

Make a Long Term SEO Strategy

Opposite of black-hat SEO is white-hat SEO that is the safest form of search engine marketing. It has two areas: on-page SEO and off-page SEO. On-page means performing search engine optimization techniques on the customer’s website, such as Meta tags, images, headers, titles, content and more. Ask the SEO expert about their on-page strategy.

Second, that is off-page SEO, is also called link-building. The main emphasis is on marketing, PR, social networking that naturally brings organic traffic to your website. Get familiarized with the link building practices of the SEO expert and ask if they would provide link building reports timely.

Hire SEO Expert

Reports are important

A really genuine and ethical SEO agency or individual will provide you with full reports on all their SEO practices performed on your website. Though it is obviously expected from a reputed firm, but you should definitely ask while hiring for your business websites.

This report contains all on-site changes along with the dates of changes. They also mention when the content was changed on the website. This report contains every small detail of change that is very helpful if something goes wrong later.  With this report, you will be able to take required action in case something is bad for your website. 

With increasing Google restrictions, most SEO companies are getting wise and transparent with their working. But still there are many firms that use shortcuts for quick results and could cause huge penalties from Google in the long term.  So if you really want to hire a dedicated SEO Expert, it’s important to be careful and put some effort in finding the right service provider.


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