How to hire a PPC Freelance for Small/Medium Business?

With growing digitization, people prefer to Google everything they want to buy, they want to know and almost for everything. Following such scenario, every business, be it a small store or a large firm, is trying to win the digital advertising game to influence the potential marketplace with the help of search engine marketing. Among various search marketing strategies, PPC is the most preferred form of digital marketing because of its benefits: instant results and more business visibility.

PPC Freelancer

For implementing PPC campaign, a business owner has three options: set up an in-house team, hire a professional agency or find an expert PPC freelancer for managing their PPC account.  If you are a startup or have a small or medium business, hiring an in-house team or professional agency would be expensive options. So the most suitable option is hiring an expert PPC freelancer.

Being you a business owner, we have summed up the major concern that you may have while hiring a freelancer:

  • You don’t know them and it is difficult to judge their expertise. And, if you hire a wrong person, you are going to lose your money.

But there are different ways to check the skills and expertise of a freelancer. You can ask them for a PPC business proposal for your business, roadmap of their strategy to handle PPC campaign for your business, and you can call them for an interview, if possible.

  • Is certification enough for making an individual handling your PPC campaign?

A certification is just the minimal requirement. A PPC certified holder is not the surefire way to campaign success always. These certifications are achieved by taking an online test and it can be taken in anybody’s name.

  • If the freelancer asks for advanced payment, what if s/he does not do the job after getting payment?

This is really tricky situation for both, business owner and the freelancer. So the best method is to do 50-50. 50% of the payment is made in advanced and 50% after getting the work done. This is just the problem at the beginning. Once you develop a professional bond, it won’t be any problem.

  • Communication Problem with the PPC Freelancer

This is difficult when you and the freelancer is from different time zones and speak different languages. So before you hire a PPC freelancer, it’s important to ensure that both speak at least one language in common. Set the appropriate time and medium for communication.

  • What if the freelancer quits the project in between?

PPC needs constant attention and optimization. But you cannot stop freelancers from leaving your project in between. To avoid inconvenience in this case, it is better to keep documentation of each and every step made by the freelancer. It will make the new service provider to continue the task easily any time.

  • What is the suitable budget for starting the campaign?

It should not be too small or too big. But if you keep the budget too small at the beginning, it will be difficult for the freelancer to handle the account effectively and produce expected results.

  • How to Start and Expand the Account?

Don’t be overexcited! It is recommended to start with a limited budget, products and service range. When you start getting expected results; then gradually expand it.


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