How to Overcome Issues with Magento Platform – a Guide SEO Expert

Search engine optimization is crucial for every web store to increase its discoverability and traffic that further leads to increased sales. However, when it comes to a web store based on Magento E-Commerce platform, mastering the search engine optimization becomes complicated unless you are supported by the guidance of a Magento SEO expert. This article throws light on all common SEO issues with this giant platform.

Configuring Magento for Search Engine Optimization

The foremost thing that you should consider is that content is really the king on the internet world today and you have to be careful with it. Magento’s out of box configuration can leave search pages, landing pages and navigation pages with poor content away from the reach of search engines, which will lead to serious issues for your business. Another thing to keep in mind is if you are doing caching, it should not impact pages. Also, if you have issues with URL rewrites, resolve it immediately.

Magento seo services Expert

Common Issues for Magento SEO expert and how to overcome these?

There are a lot of complex issues with optimizing Magento based websites. But among those, two issues are major: indexing dynamic pages and rewrite the functionality of this platform. Moreover, out of the two, the former is the biggest problem that many retailers face. The issue is that for each category with filters, there are a huge number of dynamic variants that could be indexed. Now, how to resolve it? Use canonical tags to filter pages that are second variants of the primary category page. Alternatively, you can use Meta robots tags or use Magento’s extension to apply noindex, follow tags that allow you to manually submit removal requests. On the other hand, if you have so many dynamic pages to block, use robot.txt file.

Second, Magento’s rewrite functionality is too challenging to master from an SEO perspective. Issues include:

  • Non-unique URL key entries causing URLs to change

In order to resolve this issue, you have to carefully delete all rewrite entries against any previous URLs in the guidance of a developer.

  • Duplicate content issues due to URLs being indexed

To overcome this issue, either block the directory via the robot.txt file or assign Meta robots rules to these pages. Here also, you should take help from the developer to resolve the issue without aftermath.

  • Constant URL redirect loops

To keep track of this issue, you need to work not alongside developers, but also with Magento experts. Keep an eye on the issue because it happens on multiple occasions.

How to enhance your Magento store visibility on search engines?

Do your homework carefully and the first task includes identifying the right keywords for your store. Next, search engines are hungry for unique and original content. If you have such useful content, search engines will make you win. Magento has various fields for CMS, Category and Product pages for basic Meta Information including Meta Keywords and Meta Descriptions. Don’t overfill these fields; just follow the guidelines set by the search engines. Don’t underestimate the images you use. Give them proper names and take care of ALT tags. Keep blogging with a relevant and useful content for the potential customers. Follow backlink strategy, but don’t be a spammer. Get involved in social media networking sites like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, YouTube and other sites.

It is recommended to hire a genuine Magento SEO expert who should be experienced and must have a well-established portfolio of his/her previous work.


Magento E-commerce platform is extremely beneficial, but mastering it for SEO is quite challenging. To handle the task carefully, it is recommended to hire a good Magento SEO Expert who can deal with technicalities involved in it and brings results you expected.


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