4 Secrets to Hiring SEO Firm for Return Oriented Investment

SEO or Search Engine Optimization has surely become the most potent Internet Marketing Strategy. It has helped small and large businesses establish strong online presence and cash in on this popularity. But despite the rewards that SEO offers, many businesses especially the smaller ones are still wary of this marketing technique. They still fail to see the rewards of hiring a good SEO agency and instead try and optimize their sites themselves without much expertise and knowledge regarding relevant and prevalent strategies. So how do you ensure that every dollar you spend on SEO yields returns? Or in other words how do you hire an agency that offers you great Return on Investment? In this brief write-up we shall reveal four secrets to hiring the right SEO firm to meet your marketing goals.

#1 Choose The Right Agency
There are three things that you need to look for in a SEO agency – expertise, track record and cost. While the first two factors are self-explanatory, the third one is tricky. If you choose the firm that offers you the most attractive packages there are chances you would be working with an agency that lacks on the other two factors. Conversely working with the firm that quotes the highest price may not be viable for a small business. This is where you need to know where to outsource your project. For instance if you outsource SEO  India you would be able to hire the best in business at a fraction of the cost agencies would charge in the Western World.

Hire SEO Expert

#2 Set Realistic Goals
One of the reasons many businesses fail to see ROI in SEO is the fact that they have unrealistic goals in their mind. For example, if you are starting up with your online store you cannot expect to beat Amazon or Wal-Mart within a matter of months with your SEO campaign. Thus it is important for you to set realistic goals as far as SEO campaign is concerned. It is advisable that you work with your SEO agency and set short and medium term goals that are achievable. Since SEO is a continuous process your long term goals would directly depend on going past the smaller obstacles.

#3 SEO is SEO and Much More…
This may sound misleading but the fact is SEO doesn’t offer you great returns in isolation. It is one of the marketing strategies that is used these days although the most popular. It needs to be complemented with great looking website, PPC (Per Per Click Marketing), SMM (Social Media Marketing), App Development and Marketing etc. So when you are hiring a company for your SEO campaign make sure the agency also has expertise in other marketing services. This will help you create a comprehensive strategy that allows you to run a multi-pronged marketing campaign.

#4 Measure & Build In-House Skills
To get the best out of your campaign, you must know what to measure, when to measure and how to measure. The purpose of SEO isn’t merely to bring in traffic to your website but to increase your conversion rate. The percentage of visitors that leads to a sale or inquiry about your products and services is what matters the most in this game. Here you should set up a mechanism to measure the results with your SEO agency. Since you have to sustain the campaign for long building in-house skills would benefit your business in the long run.


In this write-up we discuss some of the important things that helps in hiring the right SEO agency and helps in getting maximum return from the investment.


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