Three ways to quickly optimize your Shopify Store on Search Engine

Your Shopify store is up and running. You see some visitors to your web store. But after some time, you start noticing a few unpleasant things like no visitors to your website, no organic traffic and an obscure presence of your store on SERPs. Here, all you need is to get into search engine optimization and hire a Shopify SEO Expert.

Not many people enjoy practicing search engine optimization. But in order to lead the Internet in your industry, getting into SEO is pivotal for every advertiser and business owner having a web business. Here are three ways to optimize your Shopify store in less than 10 minutes and you will start getting results, gaining traffic and making sales.

Shopify SEO

#First: Use descriptive names for your images.

‘Pictures are better than thousands of words”. That’s what sets the standards for SEO today. Web surfers widely use Google image results to find information, photos, rip off logos and for almost everything they need from search engines. Image searching is becoming so popular and your product images have no exception.

So Image optimization is an important factor contributing to a successful SEO. Therefore, giving a meaningful name is important because: Google looks at the image name to find the relevancy between image and content. Also, many people visit your web store by clicking on image rather than clicking on the URL.

The only thing you can do to make it easy, give a specific and descriptive name to every image related to your web store while storing it on your hard drive. For example, you have to upload an image of black and white color bike on your website. So the bad name of this product’s image will be ‘product1.jpg’ or ‘bike.jpg’ and the good name is ‘black-bike-with-bucket-40-gallon.jpg’. Examples of bad image name give no useful information to Google and will not be included in the results. So it is clear how important a specific name of the image is.

#Second: Utilize Image ALT Text

ALT text or alternative text is an image tag that is very helpful for the web surfers and even search engines, in case image is not visible on your web page. When you hover mouse on an image, the information filled in this tag (name of the image) appears. To customize the ALT text for your product image, open admin panel and go to the product’s page. Look at the ALT button just below the image. Here you have to add keyword-rich description of your product.

Example of a bad ALT Text: Acer Gateway NE571 15.6-inch laptop core i3 processor

Example of a good ALT Text: Nothing, Acer Laptop

Sparing a few minutes on crafting useful ALT text description can bring you huge business benefits.

#Third: Get the Meta-tagger App

Adding this skillful app to your Shopify store gives you proper control over Meta tags. With this small addition, you will get extra fields in your storefront that Google sees directly and you don’t need to adjust code on the backend. Simply fill these fields with keyword-rich information.

Only these three steps and you will gain a better position on the search engines. You can also hire specialized Shopify SEO experts to assure success of your web store.

 So you have established a Shopify store with stunning graphic design and functionality. Now, how to attract more and more customers to bring sales? This article covers three ways that will help you improve your Shopify SEO quickly.




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