How the internal links on your site can improve your search engine rankings

The internal and external links to your website are a key factor in determining Google page rank. Most people concentrate on external links to their website but ignore the internal links. Internal links are as important as the external ones. Wikipedia is a typical example of internal link building; you can see that each and every page of Wikipedia has lots of internal links to other websites.  So sit back and read through the mentioned below details to get more internal links of your site.

Link Building

In Webmaster guideline, you will come to know how to make the proper internal structure of the website to make sure that Google indexes your website properly.

Impact of Navigation Menu:-

Navigation menu of your site plays a major role in establishing internal links of your site. All the pages of your website should be linked to your company’s profile page with proper anchor text. This way the chances of your website to appear in Google search result will increase. Add all the keywords to the menu of your site, this will tell Google that pages of your site are relevant to the keywords.

Link to Top Categories:-

Your website pages should be linked to the top rated categories. For this, you can use Breadcrumbs, which help you link to the top categories.  Search through the categories which have high search ratings then links to your site to those categories.

Link to Related Products:-

Provide link from one product to another product. For example, if you sell snacks and toffees, a link from toffees to snacks page and vice versa. Use the proper keyword for product description.


Category pages are most important thing in your website, and they rank higher than product pages. Therefore always try to link to the category pages of your website. Your category page name should be a keyword so that it can enhance the chances to appear in the Google search results.

Link to other blogs:-

If a blog is relevant to your blog products and categories, do link to that blog. Add a reference to your site for that blog. This way user will spend more time on your site.

Write more content:-

If you want to get more internal links of your website, write as much as you can. If your site has greater unique content, there are more chances that your website will show in SERP’s. If your site is rich in content, believe you have maximum chances to get higher ranks in Google search.

Use Anchor Text:-

Images of your website should have anchor text linked to them. Images should also have proper alt text and tag.


Internal links are as important as external links for your site. Proper structure of internal links of the site improves your page rank. Your goal should be to increase your search rank, no matter it is achieved via external links or internal links. If you follow the above-mentioned tips, your site will never let you down in Google’s search results.

It is recommended that you should properly SEO your site in order to get more links to your site. Do not hesitate to spend in this regard and hire dedicated SEO expert for your site.


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