A Complete Guide to Magento SEO Expert

Incepted in 2008, Magento has grown from a simple eCommerce platform into a universally accepted content management system for diversified businesses.  Over 2, 00,000 online businesses are running using Magento platform due to its benefits: open source software, scalable and thousands of extensions available with it.

Besides these, Magento SEO Experts find it easy to set up for successful search engine optimization. Improving your conversion rate and sales on your web store is the ultimate goal of you, as a business owner and online marketer you hire.

Unfortunately, eCommerce neophytes, SEO can be a tricky thing to figure out. Here’s some better news: there are a few simple steps that you can take to easily boost your SEO, and get better rankings.

Magento SEO expert

Best SEO Tips for Magento eCommerce Store

Add Great Content to Your Store

Content is the king in today’s digital marketing industry. If you want to rank your store higher than your competitors, get enough time to write engaging content. An eCommerce web store needs content for product pages, sales pages and for blogging. Apart from writing interesting content, consider keywords also when writing content for your store. Both, customers and search engines would reward you for search engine friendly and unique content.

Make your Images Search Engine Friendly

When your add pictures to your store, then give meaningful titles to them by using ALT tags. It helps Google easily understand what your images are about and make them easily searchable.

Avoid Duplicate Product Content

In order to save time, many marketers use manufacturer descriptions for their products. These descriptions are exactly same; expect the product names and pricing. This is a no-no according to search engines. Instead of using duplicate product content, get time to write down unique and impressive product descriptions separately for each product.

Improve User Experience by Using Extensions

SEO ranking is based on various other parameters in addition to content, keywords and Meta tags. Ranking is also based on a user’s or visitors’ behaviors visiting to your store. So make use that you do everything to improve your customer’s experience at your store. You can do this by installing Magento extensions that make navigation easier for your store visitors. Visitors stay longer that decrease the bounce rate. When customers like your store, you inbound links and social shares increase and all these promote your SEO ranking.

Get Your Robots.txt File to Work for You

Robot.txt file is used by Google to index your website. It tells Google what and how to do something, and what not to do. Try making the following modification to your robots.txt file:

  • Go into ‘System’
  • Click into ‘Configuration’
  • Click into ‘Design’
  • Click into ‘HTML Heads’
  • Find the ‘Default Robots’ setting and change it to “INDEX,FOLLOW”

Now search engines will index your website.

Fill Out the Meta Fields

Magento has user-friendly back-end to create meaningful Meta tags – description and title for your store. Replace defaults Meta tags with meaningful and keyword-oriented content.

Generate a Google Sitemap

Using sitemap has many benefits: it makes navigation easier, increase visibility of your store, informs the search engines of changes made at your store, indexing becomes faster, reduces your dependence on external links and also sorts problem with internal links. Whenever you add a new product or category, be sure to update your sitemap every time. You can also take help from Magento SEO experts to make sure that your web store is up to the marks.


If you are Magento SEO Expert and looking for the best SEO tips for your web store, you are at the right place. For making your Magento store search engine friendly, use original content, effective images and don’t forget to submit a sitemap and robot.txt.


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