Google kills Right Hand Side Ads: what does this mean for marketers and users?

As we all know that Google has removed the right side ads from its search bar globally. What this change will bring towards the marketers and resellers? Some people say that showing ads on the right side of SERP will become more expensive and you will have to pay some extra if you want to show your ads on the right side.


Four ads on the right side of SERP have now shifted towards the main searches. Now ads show above the search links. To understand this we have taken the suggestion of some SEO experts and you may get an idea on why Google has done so.

Is this way Google will generate more revenue?

The clear answer is income and I’m sure that is a major factor of course. But I think it’s probably a balance between this, and an even more modern, perhaps centered, search experience which reflects mobile vs. desktop and gadget results. Ultimately changes such as this have to be beneficial to the search experience, otherwise, Google ultimately ends up going after short-term earnings rather than long term market share.

Thus not content with the existing 2 or 3 adverts, plus the Google shopping results, plus any other self-promoting comparison widget they put up, Google in the wisdom has decided to expand the real house of PPC in the key almost all the Search page results at the expense of an organic and natural spot.

How will this affect organic search?

We may be able to of course panic and bemoan the death of above-the-fold organic and natural SERPs but this may well not necessarily be the circumstance. With the rise of ad blockers, whatever anybody is performing with their advertising can potentially become irrelevant.

Hoping the worst thing would be, site owners and SEOs must do what they have always been doing – compete against paid ads. If you ranking for a commercially significant keyword be sure to do everything in your power to make your organic and natural position stand out – meta tag optimization, Schema and other options suited to your unique site. Ads will evolve, becoming more interactive and how it looks attractive – this means you mustn’t be left in the back of.

Irrespective of my moaning, and hankering for the good old times, I think it makes things quite interesting for SEO. The extra PPC spot is expected to be for superior conditions (for now). These types of conditions are highly expensive every click, so it’s to the white label ppc vendors to determine whether the top place is worth it, or whether it would be an interesting bidding conflict to lose and then to vie for the organic and natural spot above the fold.

A good strategy would be to force organic and natural and take a lower PPC position. With the right tracking tool, alerts can be applied on organic and natural positions to respond accordingly for the bidding process. This blended search way will be won by the most competent, well-equipped digital teams.


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