Enhance Quality score with 5 simple steps

Quality Score is a value employed by key PPC platforms like Google AdWords, Bing Ads, and the likes and aids in determining the suitability of Promotions displayed in the search results, its position, and the amount to be paid by the advertiser.

As the Quality score increases, the advertiser is made to pay less in clicks when compared to competitors on that keyword. Easy enough, however, there are influences to consider when analyzing QS.


Quality Scores are rated by a range of 1 to 10. A keyword with a Quality Score of 7 or more is said to be beyond average. When the keyword’s QS is small (2 or less), the ad may not be considered eligible. For promoters who do not plan to spend much, it is essential to target QS to drop its cost so that the ROI can increase.

While understanding and enhancing for QS can appear convoluted, the following are five easy stages to target in your PPC account to improve your QS, cut costs, advance your ad position and enhance the performance of the PPC promotions.

  1. Account structure

Establishing an efficient and methodical account structure is the major element of your quality scores. Making sure that ad categories and promotions are structured into closely related titles of keywords will serve as a basis for solid QS.

  1. Keyword/ad copy/landing page relevance

In improving quality score, ask yourself these questions. Do the keywords apply to the correlating ad copy? Does the ad copy correspond with the materials on the landing? The keywords you are focusing on should correspond with the correlating ads. The result is that the ads will point guests to a web page which correlates with their search query.

Platforms such as AdWords place importance on correlations within the keywords, ad copy, and landing pages. Doing this will not just increase you QS, your conversion rate will also be affected positively as well.

Platforms like AdWords value a high degree of relevancy between your keywords, ad copy, and landing pages. This will not only help improve your QS, but will help improve your conversion rate as well.

It’s important to follow best practices for PPC landing page user experience when optimizing your QS. Keywords and ad copy text should be reflected in the first content a visitor sees when entering your landing page. Content should be clear, useful, and engaging for the user.

  1. Make landing page memorable

In the process of enhancing your QS, ensure that your PPC outsourcing manager stick with the recommended actions of making user’s visits memorable on your PPC landing pages. The content that is shown to visitors should visibly present your keywords ads text. Unique and informational are qualities that your content must have. The landing page should address the queries which the visitors searched for. You should also make sure that the desired action is visible from the second they get to the page. That may be a buy, form completion, etc. Find out what better suits your audience.

  1. Clickthrough rate

When allocating Quality scores, the projected clickthrough rates (CTRs) are considered. As it is, keywords with high CTRs will have a high Quality score, which is why enhancing CTR is important for anyone aiming for high QS. By asking for exact and phrase match keywords before attempting to expand focus to an overall match, you can focus properly on your keywords. Using an expanded match adjusters can also improve the control and make sure that ads are not prompted by the wrong search queries.

Focusing on a strong keyword is a good beginning. If you have a strong keyword list, then you should target ad copywriting.

  1. Keyword research

You should always watch out for the latest and high quality keywords to bid for as a constant PPC promoter. Keywords are a crucial element to your campaign and your choices will either make or mar the results of your PPC promotions.

Enhancing Quality scores may appear stressful initially. However, your decisions and adjustments can affect your results positively. While using it as a lone performance indicator isn’t advisable, QS can aid in evaluating correlations and the overall performance of your PPC profile and should therefore be watched closely.



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