Ad Extensions and their Importance

The primary objective of Ad-words is to provide customers with useful information. For this purpose, Ad-words use ad extensions. Ad extensions usually include phone numbers, location details, information about additional products and services, etc.

To setup Ad-words is easy and it does not cost a penny extra.  By using Ad-words, you can expect a boost in the click-through rate. Ad-words help in projecting your ad so that they stand out from the rest and get more clicks. You can hire the services of a PPC reseller agency to ensure maximum benefits to your ad campaign.


Few Ad Extensions and Their Importance

Site-link Extensions: A Site-link extension is a form of ad extension which provides opportunity for advertisers to show a list of links. These links when clicked by customers will take them directly to the internal website of the advertiser. Customers usually find this information to be useful.

These Sitelink Extensions make your ad look bigger and allow you to occupy more space in SERP. They also help to provide more exposure to potential customers. Another advantage of sitelinks is that it provides customers with valuable information with a fewer clicks and thus less work for them.

To add sitelinks is easy. Select your campaign and then click on the Ad Extensions tab. Now from the View > drop down menu, select the option “Sitelink Extensions”.

By clicking on the “+New Sitelink” button, you can add new sitelinks. The link headline and destination URL should be set up.  You can create 2 to 6 sitelink extensions in your ad campaign. Sticking to an even number is good as it allows keeping the format neatly.

Call Extensions: If you business depends a lot on phone calls for obtaining leads, then including call extensions in your ad campaign is a good option. AdWords do not allow adding phone numbers directly to the ad campaign. Using call extensions, you can easily add a phone number to your ad text. You can also do additional optimization by scheduling a specific time during the day when you need to run them.

To set up call extensions is simple. From the View drop down menu, select the option “Call Extensions”. The next step is to enter your business telephone number. That’s it.

Google forwarding is a key feature that you can set up in Call Extensions. A unique number is provided by Google. You can then use this forwarding number to track the calls received from AdWords.  This tracking facility provided by Google is a powerful feature. The downside of this exciting feature is that Google knows when customers are calling this number so that they can charge from you. But still it is worth a try.

Location Extensions: If you wish to list your business address in your ads, you need the location extensions. You can get your address displayed in your ads in two ways. For those who have a “Google My Business” account, creating a link to that will allow ads to draw information from it. If you do not have a “Google My Account”, you have to manually enter the address in your ads.

For adding location extensions, go to View drop down menu and then select the option “Location Extensions”. For those who have Google My Account, link your account by clicking Addresses and then selecting the correct account to your ad campaign. For others, select the option “Manually Entered Address” and then click on +New extension. Now, enter the relevant business information and then apply this to your ad campaign.


Ad extensions are really useful in providing useful information to customers. A PPC reseller can help you choose the right ad extensions to suit your business goals. When correctly added to your ad campaign, it can generate a lot of quality feedback. A PPC reseller can also help you devise the right techniques to implement the extensions correctly.


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