Your guide to hiring a Dedicated SEO vs. Outsource your Services

The factors that play role in a successful SEO keep evolving that requires a multi-facet strategy involving different talents, different departments and more in it. Depending on these factors, you have to decide whether to set up an in-house SEO department or outsource your services to an SEO company.

SEO Process

To be more effective, SEO team has to interact with the editorial team for getting content written with focus on SEO needs. They have to work with web designing department and make sure that the website design has incorporated all SEO focused factors in it. They have to work with social media department and others to make sure that everything is search engine friendly. At this point of time, you have to think if you can leave the job to an outside agency or is it better to have a full-time SEO staff whose job is to address only your company’s needs.

How Quickly Does SEO Evolve?

SEO evolves so quickly and incredibly. What was considered ethical under SEO a few years ago is now coming under gray or even black hat search engine optimization technique. Google has made these techniques evolved so drastically over the last few years and these changes have become devastating for online market. Even experts have made so many statements about this ever-changing and unstable nature of online marketing and challenges caused by this in the online business industry.

What Were the Google Panda and Penguin Updates Designed to Do?

Every year, Google implements around 500 updates. The largest and most-discussed changes are Panda updates and Penguin updates launched in 2011 and 2012 respectively. SEO experts as well as online websites always experience disappointing changes, gains and losses implemented through these changes.

The purpose of Google’s Panda update is to penalize those sites that do not provide any useful service or product to the end users.  These sites usually have spam links spread all over the internet, duplicate content on their site and blog. The end results of Panda update were good for those who are involved in good SEO practices, relevant and original content and avoid black hat techniques.

Next, the Penguin update of Google decreased the rankings for sites that violated the existing Google guidelines. Google penalized those sites that used excessive black hat techniques and used outgoing links to irrelevant content on their web pages. With time, many other changes like, Adwords Shake-up, RankBrain, Mobile-friendly 2 and the changes are uncountable.

When you search for the term “SEO Services”, you will get millions of results. Finding a reliable and genuine SEO firm is really difficult. Many SEO companies guarantee top ranking for your website. Never get tempted by the word “guaranteed”; this word has a devastating history. Regardless of whether you hire a full time staff dedicated SEO staff or outsource your services to another company, make sure that they are updated according to Google’s guidelines and don’t use black hat techniques. Apart from that, they must understand the role of social media integration with SEO. You need to have a full control of what is going on with your website’s SEO performance and keep checking on the activities of your SEO professionals.


SEO department has to interact with many businesses, departments, sites and people. Keeping this in mind, you have to decide are you better off hiring a dedicate SEO specialist or outsourcing your services.






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