The 2016 Top 25 Most Influential PPC Experts

The wait is over and the time for the heroes and handworkers has come again this year. After a thorough research, fast voting of one month, we are here to announce the list of Top 25 most influential PPC experts of 2016. Announcement of such lists is to just encourage and value the people who are working hard for the business community.

After numerous positive feedback, we have also added the list of top 25 rising PPC experts as well. We asked our readers to name the PPcers you have noticed burst into the market in 2016, and the response was astonishing. I was surprised to see that some of the last year’s rising stars have also made into this year’s top experts list. And I wonder will this year’s rising star might also make it into the next year’s top expert list.

Voting is just one part of our system, and there are bundle of more things which we count to measure what it takes for an expert to make it into the top list. Shortly speaking, we measure the total votes of an expert and his/her social impact. The score we calculate are only what the expert has achieved in the last year.

You will see much ups and downs in this list. And some experts are really hitting hard to make it into the top 24 PPC experts. The competition for being the top PPC expert is always prove to be a fierce one.

One more thing, not much important though, is the inclusion of Hanapin experts in the list. You will see some Hanapin experts in the list too. Last year they were eliminated from this list but this year they are included again and are mentioned as Honorable Mentions in this list.

Our metrics include the following factors which we keep in mind while making the list:

  • Total Votes
  • Traditional Influence
  • Social Impact

We want to listen the maximum out of you. Take a look at this list and give your valuable feedback so that we can improve more next year.

  • Purna Virji Senior Manager, PPC Training
  • Larry Kim Founder of WordStream
  • Daniel Gilbert Founder at Brainlabs
  • Erin Sagin Community Manager at WordStream
  • Brad Geddes Founder at AdAlysis
  • Samantha Noble Client Strategy Director at Koozal
  • Kirk Williams Owner at Zato
  • Frederick Vallaeys Founder at Optmyzr
  • Aaron Levy Manager of Client Strategy at Elite SEM
  • Christi Olson Search Evangelist at Microsoft
  • Melissa Mackey Search Supervisor at Gyro
  • Amy Bishop Director Digital Marketing at Zirmed
  • Maddie Cary Director of Paid Search at Point It
  • Mark Irvine Senior Data Scientist at WordStream
  • James Svoboda CEO at WebRanking
  • John Gagnon Bing Ads
  • Elizabeth Marsten Director of paid Search at CommerceHub
  • John Lee Managing Partner at Clix Marketing
  • Jeff Sauer Owner at Jaffalytics
  • Martin Roettgerding Head of SEM/SEA Bloofusion
  • Luca Senatore Account Director at Genie Goals
  • Martin Wintraub Founder at aimClear
  • Ginny Marvin Contributing Editor at Search Engine Land
  • Suson Wenogard Partner, Search Engine Marketing, Five Mill Inc.
  • Wijnand Meijer Sr. PPC Strategist at Prospect

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