Google Webmaster and How to set up the Google webmaster tools ?

Google Webmaster

The primary mechanism that allows communication with visitors is the Google Webmaster Tool. The major benefit of relying on the Google webmaster is to make clever changes in your website by making it more appealing. The set of tools offered by the webmaster give variety of benefits to the webpages for long-term rise in pageviews as well as increase in online presence. It can even let you know if it has been infected with any suspicious viruses by helping to identify issues to the website. It yields the insight about the actionable data can be found within and guide to Google webmaster tools give the variety of features of the tool. The webmaster is the platform in which all the possibilities of communicating with the visitors are developed.


How to Verify?

You have to prove that you are the site’s authorized representative before accessing any data on the site. The verification method can help in such case to all of the users. In the current place for Google Webmaster, there are five main methods of verification. Though, you’d find the starting tow more usually used as there is no real preference to which method it is used.

File Upload (Html)

Simply drop the specifically named file in the root directory of your site as Google provides you with a blank. The last important step of performing this step is to click on the verify button once you have done the initial steps.

The Tagging through HTML

You can insert meta tag into your homepage’s head once clicking on this option. It is highly important step to proceed further. Tagging actually play major role to develop more visitors for your webpage. It reinsert the tag and click on the verify icon that leads to a revocation of verification.

Provide domain name

Google gives a full guide that allows to get unique security token for verification by selecting the domain name provider from drop down list. It is also an important step that can’t be missed in any condition.

Google Analytics

The asynchronous tracking code and the admin on the GA account are important to check for verification if the account of Webmaster is same for Google Analytics. Keep this info in mind and make sure that you are familiar with the use of GA.

The Tag Manager by Google

You can easily verify your site with the option allow to use by the Google Tag Manager.

All of these are alternate methods in the webmaster tools. You can simply click on verify or discard the menu by choosing any of the discussed options. Then, the dashboard permits to share the data stats of your webpage. It also shows the messages of sites in the form of a list. You can also go to the settings option. There, you’d get list of options i.e. Associates, Verification Details, Users and Site Owners, Google Analytics Property, Change of Address, Site Settings and Webmaster Tools Preferences. Many other options and settings allow the users to get best out of it.


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