How to be Successful with AdWords – Five Important Checklists


Google AdWords is a powerful online marketing tool. In order to become successful with AdWords, here is an important checklist, Optimization Recurring Checklist for AdWords (ORCA) to follow.


Like nothing success unless goals are set, AdWords campaigns also fail in lack of goals. Therefore, if you want to be successful with AdWords, it is important to set your goals and Key Performance Indicator (KPI) is the foremost goal for everyone involved in AdWords. Though it is good to define your goals, it is even better to target multiple goals at a time. And, once the goals are clearly defined, it’s time to start managing your campaign towards success using the following checklists:

Important Checklists for AdWords Success

This checklist is also called Optimization Recurring Checklist for AdWords (ORCA) and involves the following:

Number 1: Keyword Checklist

Remove Duplicate Keywords

Remove duplicate keywords to avoid confusion. If you use same keyword in two campaigns with same target, it is of no use. Google picks only the best keywords for final auction and the bid is determined by competition only.

Find Non-Converting Keywords

It is important to check keywords for non-converting keywords so that you avoid spending huge amount on worthless keywords.

Find Keywords with Poor Quality Score

Keywords with a very low quality score causes very low AdWords account quality score. Therefore, fix those poor keywords and make them more relevant or delete them.

Create Small Ad Groups

Ideally, use maximum 30 keywords per ad group so that you can create relevant ad text to improve the quality score.

Number 2: Query Checklist

Use Converting Queries as Keywords

Check the user behavior and find out the queries that are leading to conversion. Be proactive and make those queries your new keywords, and control your buds better.

Add Queries with better Click-Through Rate than CTR of Underlying Keyword

Combine your keyword report and query report to find which queries have higher click-through-rate than the CTR for keywords triggered by those queries.

Add Negative Keywords

When you check the Search Term report, you will notice a few irrelevant keywords. Add those as negative keywords to your account.

Number 3: Ad Checklist

Remove Poor-performing Ads

To check underperforming ads, update your Google ad rotation settings to even rotation. It will help you check which ads are winners and losers based on CTR or conversion rate.

Create New Ad Text for Testing

After cleaning underperforming ads, ensure that all ad groups are tested at two variations. The best thing is testing new ad text using human creativity and machine automation. Make sure that testing does not decrease your performance.

Number 4: Bidding Checklist

Use Flexible Bid Strategies

Use different strategies for bids to leverage flexibility allowed by Google. Use bucket bid strategy in which you can group keyword together based on what bid strategy seems the best.

Set Dayparting Modifiers

Find the best ad performing time of the day to get better impressions.

Set Geo Bid Modifiers

Bid more for the regions that offer you a higher conversion rate.

Set Device Modifiers

Check the devices on which your ads are performing good or worse. Figure out how to fix ad issues for high converting devices.

Set Audience Modifiers

Leverage high-performing remarketing campaigns. Using Remarketing lists for search ads (RLSA), you can change bids according to different audiences.

Number 5: Budget Checklist

Allocate Budget Smartly

Increase your budget for highest performing campaigns. Allocate the required budget to the next best campaign and so on until you reach the total budget limit.

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