Shopify PPC Guide: 10 Fresh Marketing Tips for you


Are you starting with Shopify PPC and other online marketing techniques? Look at the top 10 fresh marketing ideas, along with PPC, that can boost your eCommerce store’s performance.


This write-up gives below a few marketing tips for Shopify PPC. Though these tips seem very basic, but are always overlooked, and this proves to be a big mistake in the long term. Read below mindfully:

Link your best selling and new product from the home page.

If you have a dense sitemap with lots of internal web pages, it may be frustrating for surfers to find their desired product in your Shopify store. People mostly forget to sue search functions; and sometimes, the top selling products don’t appear in search results. So, it is your duty to show all your best products easily. Having your all best selling and a new range of products displayed on your home page makes your store user-friendly and easily accessible.

You can create unique Meta Descriptions for Every Page on your store.

Meta descriptions are building blocks for every web page, and Shopify offers you this option, why waste it? You can change the title and description for every web page in your eCommerce store. These options are given to ensure that all your content on the web pages is highly optimized and is user-friendly according to relevant keywords.

Install Google Webmaster tool in your Shopify settings.

It takes only a few minutes and the benefits are irresistible:

  • It is free and helps you discover how visitors find your website.
  • It gives access to the most valuable SEO metrics and teaches you how to best optimize your website for SEO.
  • It also helps in advertising reports, campaign measurement, real-time reporting, cost data import, mobile ads, analysis and testing, data collection and management, product integration, tracking site and ad performance, etc.

Start using Shopify PPC at initial stage.

If you do Shopify PPC in the early days of the launch of your store, it helps you reap the extra benefits of paid advertising. It drives more traffic to your website and increases sales for you. People have an instant distrust to click sponsored links, banners and other forms of online advertising. Make sure that your eCommerce store has a long-term and organic strategy to assure success in the future.

Leverage the SEO’s love for fresh content.

Keep your Shopify website engaging and loaded with useful as well as fresh content. Do blogging, post eye-catching pictures and link the posts with relevant products.

Think your business as a community.

Apart from SEO, there exists a non-SEO world with techniques to drive traffic to your website. Don’t forget to use those techniques and think your business as a community.

Perform a content audit for duplication check.

Duplicate content is the slow killer of your online business. It destroys the brand reputation of your business. Therefore, it is important to do a content audit of your business twice a year. You can do this manually or using paid tools for content duplication checking.

Use the Shopify discount codes.

Give your visitors some reasons to buy from you by giving discount offers with the easily accessible coupon code displayed on the sidebar or slider on your website. People feel urgency to buy products with discounts.

Perform cart recovery check.

Showing your love for your customers, send emails to them on a regular basis, to know if they are facing any problem with shopping cart. This technique has a high response rate.

Use gift cards.

By upgrading to Shopify pro pack, you can offer gift cards as products to your customers. People love sending gift cards to their love ones on different occasions.

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