4 Secrets to Hiring SEO Firm for Return Oriented Investment

SEO or Search Engine Optimization has surely become the most potent Internet Marketing Strategy. It has helped small and large businesses establish strong online presence and cash in on this popularity. But despite the rewards that SEO offers, many businesses especially the smaller ones are still wary of this marketing technique. They still fail to see the rewards of hiring a good SEO agency and instead try and optimize their sites themselves without much expertise and knowledge regarding relevant and prevalent strategies. So how do you ensure that every dollar you spend on SEO yields returns? Or in other words how do you hire an agency that offers you great Return on Investment? In this brief write-up we shall reveal four secrets to hiring the right SEO firm to meet your marketing goals.

#1 Choose The Right Agency
There are three things that you need to look for in a SEO agency – expertise, track record and cost. While the first two factors are self-explanatory, the third one is tricky. If you choose the firm that offers you the most attractive packages there are chances you would be working with an agency that lacks on the other two factors. Conversely working with the firm that quotes the highest price may not be viable for a small business. This is where you need to know where to outsource your project. For instance if you outsource SEO  India you would be able to hire the best in business at a fraction of the cost agencies would charge in the Western World.

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#2 Set Realistic Goals
One of the reasons many businesses fail to see ROI in SEO is the fact that they have unrealistic goals in their mind. For example, if you are starting up with your online store you cannot expect to beat Amazon or Wal-Mart within a matter of months with your SEO campaign. Thus it is important for you to set realistic goals as far as SEO campaign is concerned. It is advisable that you work with your SEO agency and set short and medium term goals that are achievable. Since SEO is a continuous process your long term goals would directly depend on going past the smaller obstacles.

#3 SEO is SEO and Much More…
This may sound misleading but the fact is SEO doesn’t offer you great returns in isolation. It is one of the marketing strategies that is used these days although the most popular. It needs to be complemented with great looking website, PPC (Per Per Click Marketing), SMM (Social Media Marketing), App Development and Marketing etc. So when you are hiring a company for your SEO campaign make sure the agency also has expertise in other marketing services. This will help you create a comprehensive strategy that allows you to run a multi-pronged marketing campaign.

#4 Measure & Build In-House Skills
To get the best out of your campaign, you must know what to measure, when to measure and how to measure. The purpose of SEO isn’t merely to bring in traffic to your website but to increase your conversion rate. The percentage of visitors that leads to a sale or inquiry about your products and services is what matters the most in this game. Here you should set up a mechanism to measure the results with your SEO agency. Since you have to sustain the campaign for long building in-house skills would benefit your business in the long run.


In this write-up we discuss some of the important things that helps in hiring the right SEO agency and helps in getting maximum return from the investment.


How to Hire a Dedicated SEO Expert or Agency?

Hiring an SEO expert, an individual consultant or a full-established agency, is really a big decision; it can make or break your business. It is really very important to choose SEO services very carefully and this write-up will show you how to do this.

Unfortunately, due to some unethical companies which are involved hugely in black-hat techniques, SEO agencies have gained a bad reputation. This is because these companies follow unethical ways to get the quicker results for their clients. They just fool their clients, but the end results for the clients are really scary and the clients end up getting Google penalty.

Why it’s important to hire a Dedicated SEO Expert?

Though search engines have become so powerful today, but they still can’t understand the websites as easier as humans can. That’s why SEO is important and only a dedicated SEO expert can give expected results to their clients. Otherwise, the client may end up paying huge Google penalty that really impacts their business adversely.


Here is how: Before the Google Penguin algorithm was launched, it was so easy for SEO companies to get the expected results for their businesses. But now Google has become so active and everyday penalizes many websites that buy links or manipulate their page ranking. Many unethical companies trick their client by deleting negative messages from Google in the Webmaster tools and hide their black-hat techniques for their clients. So it becomes so difficult for the clients to resolve the manual penalty without any report of link building.

Make a Long Term SEO Strategy

Opposite of black-hat SEO is white-hat SEO that is the safest form of search engine marketing. It has two areas: on-page SEO and off-page SEO. On-page means performing search engine optimization techniques on the customer’s website, such as Meta tags, images, headers, titles, content and more. Ask the SEO expert about their on-page strategy.

Second, that is off-page SEO, is also called link-building. The main emphasis is on marketing, PR, social networking that naturally brings organic traffic to your website. Get familiarized with the link building practices of the SEO expert and ask if they would provide link building reports timely.

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Reports are important

A really genuine and ethical SEO agency or individual will provide you with full reports on all their SEO practices performed on your website. Though it is obviously expected from a reputed firm, but you should definitely ask while hiring for your business websites.

This report contains all on-site changes along with the dates of changes. They also mention when the content was changed on the website. This report contains every small detail of change that is very helpful if something goes wrong later.  With this report, you will be able to take required action in case something is bad for your website. 

With increasing Google restrictions, most SEO companies are getting wise and transparent with their working. But still there are many firms that use shortcuts for quick results and could cause huge penalties from Google in the long term.  So if you really want to hire a dedicated SEO Expert, it’s important to be careful and put some effort in finding the right service provider.

Tips for a small business looking to Outsource SEO Services

Disregard Companies that assure ranking results

There are no assurances in the realm of internet search engine performance. Indeed, even the best SEO strategies and link building methods can’t totally guarantee that you will rank in a specific position for a particular key phrase.

SEO to 1

Organizations that ensure to make you rank #1 for the phrase that you need are not likely to succeed. The way that they are ensuring something that can’t be ensured ought to consequently preclude them from your selection process.

The best way to ensure that your site will appear on the first page of Google’s query items is to pay Google for publicizing through their PPC program. So, on the off chance that you converse with an SEO organization who gives you a #1 positioning assurance, run!

Employ an SEO firm before you design your website.

One of the last bits of the designing process includes transforming your design into a genuine utilitarian site. At whatever point conceivable, you ought to contact an SEO organization for outsourcing SEO services BEFORE having your website coded.

Setting your site up for success is an essential piece of SEO. There are specific page components that ought to be altered for every page and some website platforms don’t permit this to be done. The outcome is that the site is at an SEO pitfall for its lifespan until it is taken offline from the net or revamped. There are other basic components and capacities that are just as essential.


An awesome case of something that is vital from the beginning is the capacity to control title tags and H1 tags for every page. A few websites will consequently generate these page components, frequently utilizing the name of your site as the title tag for every page. The title tag ought to appear as something else for every page and utilize the keywords that you need that page to rank for. If your template doesn’t permit these components to be modified, your website will be at an enormous drawback when contrasted with your rivals.

Utilize the search results to locate a Local SEO Company.

This may appear like a straightforward and handy stride to take keeping in mind the end goal to locate a decent service provider for any undertaking, however with regards to SEO, this is more critical. The answer is evident once pointed out to most entrepreneurs.

If you desire to discover an organization that is really equipped for getting your website to rank well for some focused phrases, then ideally you would need to choose an organization whose own website is as of now doing great for some competitive phrases.

The SEO business is exceptionally competitive in the web crawlers and on the off chance that somebody ranks #1 for “‘my city’ SEO”, there’s a full chance that they know what they are doing. Why pick an SEO firm that can’t get their own website to rank well?

Don’t simply pick any website from the search results. Look at the screenshot beneath and the exchange that follows with a specific end goal to see which organization I would call first.

This screen shot demonstrates the SERPs for the query “SEO Experts Chicago”.

In the search results, we see the paid results at the highest point of the page. There is nothing amiss with paying to be seen in this part of the page. This just can’t be utilized as a marker of which organization does the best SEO work.

SEOExpertschicago.com is exactly the underneath of paid results. SEO experts Chicago is a keyword that matches the domain keyword that contains the essential catchphrases this organization needs to rank well for. Their domain name is one of the big reasons that they can rank where they are right now ranking. This doesn’t make them an awful organization, it is only essential to note that they are not ranking here on account of their website’s actual merit.

Next, you can view the organizations that I would call initially hovered in green. Besides the initially circled result, you can see a photograph of somebody who I assume is likely the proprietor of the organization. This photograph shows up in light of the fact that the website is utilizing Google authorship markup which relates the content of the site with that individual’s Google Plus account.

Showing this data for your site improves click-through rates from the web indexes and it is additionally typical of an organization that truly knows what they are doing.

Solicit what type of SEO measures they will take for you

This inquiry can solicit an extensive variety of wide replies. The inquiry that you truly need replied here is regardless of whether this is a low-quality spam link supplier (there are numerous).


There are bunches of obsolete link building strategies that numerous SEO services suppliers are utilizing (which never worked extremely well to begin). In the event that an organization answers this inquiry by expressing that they will be utilizing:

  • an automated directory listing program
  • blog comment links
  • link exchanges
  • forum signature links

that organization ought to be disregarded. These links are a kind of spam and the general population that offer these services ought not be permitted anyplace close to a genuine online business.

Get some information about SEO Reporting

It is critical to monitor what your outsourced contractual workers are doing. This is particularly true when working with an SEO organization in light of the fact that there can be an adequate time gap between when work is done and when results are really seen by the website.

A decent SEO organization ought to be giving month to month reports in regards to your web traffic and keyword rankings at any rate.

The most trusted SEO organizations will demonstrate to you the full rundown of links, articles, PRs, YouTube videos, infographics thus on so things are 100% transparent

Maintain a strategic distance from Freelance SEO Consultants

If you are simply searching for a consultation, you will locate a wide cluster of experienced experts that can get you on the right way. Consultants can be probably the most effectively open and most well-prepared individuals to help you for this situation.


In any case, if you are searching for somebody to perform optimization chores for a drawn out stretch of time, guarantee long-lasting SEO success, and maybe head up a SEO team, you ought to either enlist a established firm that has the assets set up to do this, or you ought to employ an in-house team for SEO.

For most little and medium-sized organizations, the most intelligent solution is to contact a private label SEO firm.

How White Label SEO is Revolutionizing the Whole Industry?

As the Search Engine Optimization industry grows is size and scale, most SEO agencies and others engaged in other digital marketing services look to increase their market size and profits. Agencies in developed parts of the world have realized the futility of increasing headcount which adds to the overhead costs in terms of training and staffing. They are instead relying on other SEO service providers in different parts of the world (especially in the developing world) to deal with their project as they engage themselves in marketing for newer clients.


White Labeling as it is this model is called adds flexibility and fluidity in operations for an agency. Though this isn’t a new concept and has been tried in several other industries, the scale of white labeling in the SEO industry is simply mind boggling. It allows agencies to offer more value to their clients and also add to its own profits.  SEO reseller program come with many advantages and some of these are –

  • Capacity Augmentation – Irrespective of the size and scale of operations every marketing agency has a limit in terms of the amount of clients and projects it can cater to. When such threshold is reached agencies often have to say ‘No’ to clients or delay such projects. This is where SEO reseller program offers advantage to an agency as it immediately leads to capacity augmentation without having to go through the process of adding infrastructure or spending time and effort on recruiting executives and training them. White label service providers work as extension of a team and allow you to bid on bigger projects that can increase your profits as well as your reputation in the market.
  • Adding Skills – SEO is an important service in the portfolio of any digital marketing company. Web design service providers who do not have SEO services in their portfolio are struggling to attract customers as the industry sees SEO as the next obvious step to web development. A White Label service provider allows you to add this important service in your portfolio that would attract new customers to your service. Since most of these resellers come with sound knowledge about the SEO industry they help your clients scale new heights on the search engines and this can earn you appreciation and also referral projects.
  • Cost Optimization – Businesses never miss an opportunity to cut costs and streamline their operations for higher profitability. White Label SEO services offer the perfect opportunity to any business to cut down its costs. As mentioned earlier most of these services are sought from developing countries and the total cost of engagement is just a fraction of hiring people under the payrolls. This not only increases the profit margin but also allows digital marketing agencies to price services competitively and create an edge over their rivals.

Red Flags to Avoid While Hiring SEO Resellers
Striking the perfect balance between serving your clients and White Label SEO services is never easy and you need to put each step carefully. Here are certain red flags that you should avoid on the way.

  • Choose Service Provider Carefully – Don’t pick up just anybody who claims to be a reseller. You need to carefully review their skill and credentials. Opt for a company instead of freelancers they often jump the boat without any information.
  • Don’t Expect Unbelievable Margins – If you are expecting to make profits around 80-90% on every project you are not going to find seasoned optimizers. You would have to settle with amateurs and they can dent your reputation and relationship with the clients.
  • Insist on an NDA – Always stress on signing a Non-Disclosure Agreement with the resellers. They need to work in the background without your clients being aware of their presence. An NDA is a step towards safeguarding your interests.
  • Avoid Going Fast – When you hire a reseller give some time for this engagement model to mature. Don’t take up too many projects and dump them over to the reseller. In the initial days you need to measure the success of this engagement.

SEO Reseller program is a win-win deal for the agency as well as the reseller and has become the most successful model in the industry.